Reflection on a Sunday

“Immediately on coming up out of the water, Jesus saw the heavens tore open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove.” Mark 1: 1-7 Like many preachers this Sunday I was faced with preparing a homily while taking into account the events of the week, especially all that had happened on Wednesday asContinue reading “Reflection on a Sunday”

Letter from ECC Presiding Bishop

January 9, 2021 Beloved Communion, sisters and brothers all,Presumably, you have been following the news this past week. Your hearts, I suspect, are heavy. These are difficult days. Whether as a church or as individual followers of the Living Christ, we are called to walk in these days putting our deepest values into action.  Prayer putsContinue reading “Letter from ECC Presiding Bishop”

Desecration of our Capital

The news has been horrific today and brought me to tears. If this was a movie I would be thinking how implausible the plot, but … this is happening. There are people taking violent possession of the Capital Building in Washington DC after a president spent time with them at a rally, stirring up theirContinue reading “Desecration of our Capital”