No Place for Prejudice in God

“Peter fairly exploded with his good news: “It’s God’s own truth, nothing could be plainer: God plays no favorites! It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from—if you want God and are ready to do as God says, the door is open. “ Acts 10: 34-36 Humanity began from the same source andContinue reading “No Place for Prejudice in God”

Partnership For Life

As Ecumenical Catholics we affirm that the matrimonial covenant by which two consenting adults establish between themselves a partnership for the whole of life is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and is raised by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament. As a bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, IContinue reading “Partnership For Life”

Born of Defiance

“But the Most High has taken you and brought you out of the iron-smelter, out of Egypt, to become a people of God’s very own possession, as you are now.” Deuteronomy 4: 20 Christianity was born out of Judaism and the umbilical cord has never quite been severed no matter how much historical events attempted to denyContinue reading “Born of Defiance”

Salvation Is More Than You Think

“All this is the work of the kindness of our God, the dayspring who shall visit us in mercy to shine on those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Benedictus For us Christians this is the season of Lent. We marked ourselves withContinue reading “Salvation Is More Than You Think”

Choose: Democracy or Dictatorship

“This is what the king who will reign over you will claim as his rights: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. … When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will notContinue reading “Choose: Democracy or Dictatorship”