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We Should Be Angry

“God is a fair judge, a God who is angered by injustice every day.” Psalm 7: 11 What frustrates and angers me the most today is that the eviction moratorium has ended and our representatives left without doing anything to remedy the situation for those who could lose their homes. What further angers me isContinue reading “We Should Be Angry”

The Dead Have No Voice

“There is nothing we forget as eagerly, as quickly, as the wickedness of man.” Abraham J. Heschel The last few years I have been learning about our hidden history. From the way conquerors came to this country and colonized it by brutalizing and attempting to eliminate the indigenous people, to the Tulsa Oklahoma massacre ofContinue reading “The Dead Have No Voice”


“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Even when I know the expected outcome, I cannot help being disappointed by the members of the Republican party who serve in our Senate. They just let us down again by not allowing the vote to create a commission to investigateContinue reading “Disappointed”

God and Us

“But the Most High called out, ‘Where are you?’” Genesis 3:9 Every now and again I meet atheists who proclaim that there is no God. I do not worry about these people because I know that God is constantly pursuing them, whether they know it or not. Granted, I think it is more difficult forContinue reading “God and Us”

Autocrat VS Democrat

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” Roy T Bennett Our country seems to be struggling with the concept of leadership and what kind of country we want to be. I’ve even heard it said that we are warring over whether we will continueContinue reading “Autocrat VS Democrat”

Gun Violence

” From the fruit of their lips people enjoy good things, but the unfaithful have an appetite for violence.” Proverbs 13: 2 It seems we cannot get away from gun violence. Once again a mass shooting event is filling up the news cycle. Once again our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, the survivors,Continue reading “Gun Violence”


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