The theme for today and perhaps for weeks to come is patience, a quality that is difficult to acquire, especially in a society that excels at instant gratification. Unfortunately the way we develop patience is by facing trials of one sort or another and discovering that trials do end. By the time we are adults and, if we have been tested by various trials, we will learn patience, and patience becomes evidence of our maturity.

So, now is the time to be patient and remember that this trial of waiting will also end and we will know who is our president elect. Let us steady our hearts and persevere in our hope for a government that will foster unity while advancing our country toward justice, equity, and honesty.

Hope with patience and perseverance is a quality of Christianity we must learn as we continue in our work with God to set things right in our world. It is a dance of three steps forward and two steps back in my experience. There are sinful structures, systems, and patterns at work in this world that bring alienation and all manner of hurtful, painful situations that distort God’s plan for Creation.

From the beginning God intended for humanity to be part of the equation; from the beginning humanity has had ideas of its own and let God down. The good news is that God remains hopeful and expectant that we will wake up and take our place as active participants in Creation and join God in creating something beautiful. God is patient and persistent in hope. God never gives up on us.

Christians believe we’ve been shown the way to save ourselves and our world through Christ Jesus and so we, too, persist in hope that things can change. Of course, there is no easy cure, no magic wand, no simple fix. Evil systems like sexism, racism, and classism cannot be wished away. We are called to do the work. We are called to be mature, adult co-workers, co-creators, and partners with God and do what we can to set things right in our world.

God welcomes all, accepts and loves all, but not all will accept God back again. Many prefer the ways of the world and cling to their desires for self aggrandizement, for wealth, power, and privilege. Many are called, but few choose to go with God and work with God for a better world for all. We can be the ones who persist in hope with steady hearts and continue to work to set things right in our world

So, my beloved ones, persevere in patience with hope,

Bishop Kedda

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