Desecration of our Capital

The news has been horrific today and brought me to tears. If this was a movie I would be thinking how implausible the plot, but … this is happening. There are people taking violent possession of the Capital Building in Washington DC after a president spent time with them at a rally, stirring up their emotions. We have watched people taken out on stretchers, others taking vulgar actions inside the chambers, while a vice president is taken to safety, and representatives and senators shelter in place. Shots have been fired, explosions have been found, and night is coming. The Capital police have lost control.

The most offensive sight was a flag with the name Trump above an American Flag, and the name Jesus below, uniting our Beloved Christ with this violent activity. Tears of anguish, anger, and disbelief seem to be how my body is choosing to respond. I am concerned as evening approaches because in the past this sort of crowd has become more violent when in darkness.

Prayer is the only action I can take, prayer especially for the safety of those caught in this violence. How will our country bring these seditious people to conversion of heart? They are caught in a web of evil and can only get out if they recognize their situation. Their eyes are blinded by misinformation. Who can remove this veil of evil that clouds their vision? Perhaps the Holy Spirit? God have mercy.

Yes, my beloved ones, join me in prayer. Pay attention to what is going on. Support each other with compassion as we work for justice, peace, and equality of persons.

Bishop Kedda

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