Reflection on a Sunday

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“Immediately on coming up out of the water, Jesus saw the heavens tore open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove.”

Mark 1: 1-7

Like many preachers this Sunday I was faced with preparing a homily while taking into account the events of the week, especially all that had happened on Wednesday as insurrectionists stormed the Capital Building in Washington DC. The event could not be ignored. I will attach my homily to this message and you can see and hear the words that came to me as I reflected on both the event and our scriptures for the day.

On further reflection, I realize that we will be actively engaged in musing on the repercussions of what happened on Wednesday for days, weeks, maybe months to come. This was not a minor event and the sources of all the chaos have not gone away. As I say in my homily, it is a mess.

However, the image we heard in our Gospel reading from Mark today (Ch. 1: 1-7) of the heavens being torn open and the Holy Spirit descending is giving me cause for hope. We are not abandoned to our own devices. God is with us through the gift of the Holy Spirit. We who follow Christ Jesus need to be open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide us as we figure out how to go forward.

What you need to know if you listen to my homily is that after my brief words, as is our custom, others shared their wisdom, too. I was struck by the depth of sharing and the loving concern people have for our country and for each other. We need to cling to this knowledge that our country is not filled up with rioters, but for the most part contains people of compassion who care for one another and for our nation.

You can listen to my homily HERE and perhaps ponder for yourself how we can go forward together toward justice and peace.

My beloved ones, be attentive to the Holy Spirit and pray for our nation.

Bishop Kedda

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