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“Alleluia! Praise the Most High, all you nations; glorify God, all you peoples, for God’s love is strong, God’s faithfulness is eternal.”

Psalm 117

It is Sunday. It is a day to remember that God is Creator. It is a day to remember that God calls us to freedom out of all the things that keep us bound. We have learned that what God wants from us is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

From the beginning God asks for Sabbath; asks us to take time to walk with God in the garden. The systems of the world pull us away from the spirit of “sabbathing” and keep us too busy to simply be. Christians in the early days kept the Sabbath but somewhere along the way, as Sunday became Christianity’s main day of worship, the spirit of keeping Sabbath was lost.

Everyone needs a space of time when we remember that God is the Creator and not us. We need a time when we stop trying to create, stop trying to do stuff, and simply allow ourselves to be with God. We need that time to “be still and know that I am God.”

It is good for us to take time to remember that it is God who comes to set us free, who saves us when we cannot save ourselves, and who gives us our dignity as the children of God. If you are convinced that you cannot take time to simply be with God, this is in itself a warning sign. If you cannot take that time, you are no longer a free person. You have inflicted on yourself a new form of slavery. You are no longer your own person, as God created you to be. You are either a slave of some master — out there — or a slave of something inside yourself. God means for us to live as a free people, in the freedom of being God’s children. Having this time to simply be with God is a way to prove to yourself that you are a free child of God, and no slave. Taking time to just be with God provides a way to feel and realize that freedom.

It is Sunday. My beloved ones, take some time, even a small bit of time, to just be with God. There is no need for words — just be and let God love you.

Bishop Kedda

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