Work for Justice

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“The effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness is quietness and trust for ever.”

Isaiah 32: 17

Early this morning, before the House members went to sleep, they passed a Covid rescue package. They did this with the support of members of just one party. The other party decided to be against the bill as they do any bill that is not their own. Even while people in the country from both parties overwhelmingly support the bill, the opposition party cannot bring itself to vote for anything that the other party proposes no matter how great the need. This is ridiculous behavior and our country has suffered from this behavior and will suffer again because of this reprehensible behavior.

Now the bill has gone to the Senate and we all know — here we go again — the entrenched decision to block everything not of their own proposing means the decision of the Senate is a foregone conclusion. I am angered by this behavior. What I want is for people who represent us in our government to stop walking lock step in opposition to one another, to think for themselves, to listen to us, and to work with each other to find good solutions for our country. At this point in time we need this rescue package so that the suffering of our people is lessened, not increased.

The people of this country deserve better. We deserve representatives who will put “We the People” first, before their own desires for wealth, status, and privilege. We need representatives who understand that their task and responsibility is to care for the general welfare of all the people, for the common good, and not for selfish gain. Who will put us before their desire to score points and win, because when they put themselves first and their childish desire to win, the rest of us lose.

This country has all the resources we need to end hunger, homelessness, poverty, thirst, and injustices of all kinds — if those we have chosen to lead us would put their minds to it, and give it some effort. A country that can create nearly 800 billionaires can certainly use the talents and gifts of this nation to fix the unjust systems that keep poverty in place. We have more than enough wealth, talents, and gifts to change everything for the better. What we lack is the will. We need to stop being so complacent.

We Christians need to be like Christ Jesus and continue to speak out against injustice wherever we find it, and continue to encourage our representatives to do what is right, and not play these partisan games of one-upmanship. We need to use the energy of our anger to keep pushing for change. We also need to cut ourselves free of party affiliation and support policies of righteousness, not policies of party. Yes, we can support a particular party, but make sure that party is supporting just and equitable policies. Our allegiance is to the Beloved Community of God, not to party.

It is easy to know which party to support by the fruits we harvest from what they stand for. Is your party helping to bring God’s reign to earth as it is in heaven, or is it increasing the suffering of hell on earth? Heaven or hell are brought to earth by people and by the decisions and actions that people make. Let us bring heaven to earth, not hell.

My beloved in Christ, if we want peace, we must continue to work for justice.

Bishop Kedda

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