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“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Even when I know the expected outcome, I cannot help being disappointed by the members of the Republican party who serve in our Senate. They just let us down again by not allowing the vote to create a commission to investigate the horrific events of January 6th to even come up for debate. This is a manifestation of Senator McConnell’s decision to be 100 % against anything the present administration wishes to do. Blocking things is the main strategy of Republicans now. You would think they are playing soccer, and all of them are goal keepers. In any case, they are caught up in game playing, and have forgotten how to be participants in government.

My problem is that I cannot let go of the belief that individual Republican Senators will rise above their party interests, and their self interests, and put the common good of people in our country first. Evidently, it is hard to stand apart from the forces of party politics, and I am disappointed over and over again. I notice much more independence in the Democratic party, where for its leaders, it is more like herding cats. For the Republicans, it is easier — like herding sheep.

I tend to be an independent and measure issues and candidates against the values of the Kingdom of God. These values include the common good, justice, equality, truthfulness, generosity, mercy, and selflessness. Holding public office ought to be civil service for the benefit of the common good, not a way to enrich oneself. It ought not to involve game-playing, one-upmanship, or score keeping. No one should get rich by serving in public office.

People, other than the upper classes, are suffering in our country and attention needs to be given to making changes that benefit us all. We need good public servants who care about us and about our country. We need contemporary prophets to speak on behalf of justice, mercy, and the common good.

My beloved ones in Christ, pay attention and measure issues by God’s values and not by party affiliation.

Bishop Kedda

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