Leadership Vacuum

During this presidential transition the media chatter often includes references to a “leadership vacuum.” My assumption is that this is the perception that the current president is pulling away from his responsibilities while the president-elect is waiting off stage. Admittedly, I sometimes wonder if there has been a leadership vacuum for the last several monthsContinue reading “Leadership Vacuum”

“Truth Decay”

“The light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1: 5 President Obama said something today that caught my attention: “Trump has accelerated ‘Truth Decay.’” Evidently this term has been around for years but I failed to pay attention to it. It does seem appropriate for the circumstances we are experiencing today.Continue reading ““Truth Decay””

The Fatigue of Waiting

” Until the dawn rises and darkness is dispelled, God’s Word lights our way. Spirit of God, speaking in our hearts.” Covid Fatique is now a thing. We are tired of enduring this pandemic. We are tired of being good — wearing our masks, social distancing, missing out on so many of the fun thingsContinue reading “The Fatigue of Waiting”