Choose Life

“Receive the Spirit poured out on all Creation receive the Spirit who gives life receive the Spirit who brings joy” The US has reached over 14 million Covid-19 cases and set a new daily record of 2,777 coronavirus related deaths today. Several states are imposing and re-imposing precautionary restrictions, attempting to restrain and even reduceContinue reading “Choose Life”

The Purpose of Humanity

“How eager is our God to share with us the ways of eternal life.” The year 2020 has been the warmest year on record for our country. We’ve had so many hurricanes people had to start using the Greek alphabet for their names. Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in the west, while flooding devastatedContinue reading “The Purpose of Humanity”

The Non-Violence of Christ

“Then the wolf will be the guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid… for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Most High.” See Isaiah 11: 1-10 Threats of violence are in the news today. Those who do not like the election results are proclaiming thatContinue reading “The Non-Violence of Christ”