Where is God in All of This?

“You cannot bear the Truth, but gently the Spirit guides from truth to truth.“ All Creation Waits One of our prevalent myths is that the good guys win, because God is on their side.  And so might makes right.  The guy in the “white hat” will triumph.  Having a Warrior God leads people to assume:Continue reading “Where is God in All of This?”

The Purpose of Humanity

“How eager is our God to share with us the ways of eternal life.” The year 2020 has been the warmest year on record for our country. We’ve had so many hurricanes people had to start using the Greek alphabet for their names. Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in the west, while flooding devastatedContinue reading “The Purpose of Humanity”

Time for God

“Ignorant of who we really are God’s children walk asleep. Creation waits with patient hope for God’s children to awake.” Today’s world, even during a pandemic, seems busier than ever. Remembering and getting back in touch with the mission of Christianity takes time and intention. Providing and allowing ourselves a space of time to bothContinue reading “Time for God”